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The Nut Job

The NUT JOB is a revolutionary detailing tool used to clean lug nuts/surroundings, hard to get areas, rim crevasses. It will stretch and flex, can be placed in a dill (Slowly) machine washable socks. Used for cleaning, polishing and dusting.  


Grit Guard

The Grit Guard is an essential tool that will give you the extra peace of mind that no gravel, sand, dirt or other foreign debris get caught back up into ones microfiber towel when washing a dirty vehicle. Simply place in the bottom of ones cleaning bucket, add water to cover the guard (about 2 gallons) and get to washing.    


Micro-Fiber Towels

Recommended if purchasing any products
Professional Grade Micro Fiber Towels. Machine Washable, Tumble Dry.
12 Towel Pack. Only being sold by the pack.

Towel Dispenser

Soap Dispenser


Nitrile Disposable Gloves

These soap dispensers are custom for our Tri Tec hand cleaner jugs. A single dispenser comes with ones first order. 

We offer two types of brooms, classic brooms for sweeping and push brooms.

We offer disposable gloves in all sizes. Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Standard manually operated towel dispenser. Wall mounted, uses brown horizontal rolls of paper towels. 

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